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How to join


This Multi-Stakeholder Gender and Energy Compact is a living document, which means that inputs from signatories on the compact are very welcome and that the ambitions and targets will be validated, further defined and revisited continuously. In the way towards 2030 stakeholders will individually as well as jointly work on individual commitments to bring this energy compact to life and create impact on the ground.

The undersigning parties commit to supporting and accelerating action for the following goals:

  • Goal 1
    Women have equal opportunity to lead, participate in and benefit from a just, sustainable and inclusive energy transition
  • Goal 2
    Women have equal access to and control over sustainable energy products and services


To endorse the Gender and Energy Compact, fill out the form


After submission of the form you will be contacted by Ms Katharina Pröstler, Gender and Energy Compact Coordinator, for further information on the process. You will be requested to develop your individual commitments and actions that contribute to reach the overall goals of the compact. This will be done by submitting your own energy compact following the UN’s Submission Guidelines.

For any additional questions, please contact us by mail.